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Cargobike Family Photo


We are a small family business, literally!

Mom, dad and our four children, who of course all have a seat in our cargobike, even though the big ones usually like to ride their own bikes.

As a family, we are very active and love to be outside no matter the weather. Our Familybike supports our lifestyle and always offers us a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to the car!

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Our story

Why Familybike?

Mom (Azra) grew up in Denmark and was missing an affordable cargo bike when she came to Switzerland in 2014. We therefore bought our first cargo bike in Denmark and imported it into Switzerland, but that was very expensive and took a long time. 

A few years later we had the good idea of starting a company: Familybike!

We wanted to give other families the opportunity to own a quality cargo bike, but at a family-friendly price.

The story about Familybike

Scandinavian Design - Familyfriendly prices

At we sell bikes from the Danish brand Amladcykler, who have had experience with cargo bikes since 1992. You can see and feel this with our cargo bikes.

We don't work with quick fixes that haven't been thoroughly tested in Denmark or the Nordic countries. Professionals and highly qualified technicians with a lot of experience guarantee you the best family bike.

At Familybike we focus on Scandinavian design, which has been appreciated more and more around the world since its beginnings in the 1950s in the 5 Nordic countries Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It all started as a movement with a focus on simplicity, minimalism and last but not least functionality. Exactly these three elements were brought into the design phase of our family bikes.

The idea behind Scandinavian design was that beautiful and functional everyday objects should not only be for those who have a lot of money, but for everyone. At Familybike we offer exactly that.

When you buy a cargo bike from Familybike, you are not only guaranteed the best prices, but also many accessories that are included in the price.

The equipment package varies from model to model.

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