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Cargobike Ultimate Curve Mittelmotor Familybike

Cargobike Ultimate Curve mid-engine

VAT Included

This high-quality cargobike Ultimate Curve mid-engine, is assembled in the Danish factory, and has a powerful mid-engine, with 120 Newton meters (Nm) engine power, making it one of the most powerful on the market.

Robust 250W motor with the latest “Low Energy Consumption & No Noise” technology and of course CE tested. The mid-engine system ensures a more natural, smoother and more comfortable engine run.

The included 13 Ah battery (468Wh) can cover up to 60 km when fully charged (even in winter). The cargobike features a simple and easy-to-use color control display with USB output that everyone will be familiar with in seconds.

The familybike is equipped with the new anti-tip system and the hydraulic disc brake system on the front and rear wheels. With this braking system you have much less maintenance and the force required for the brake is minimized. In addition, the brakes feature the latest electric car engine stop system. With our Ultimate Curve model you also get 3 strong anti-puncture tires to minimize the risk of punctures.


    • Vmax 25km/h
    • Color: Matt Black Frame (5 treatments including: painting, varnishing, anti-rust treatment and anti-stone sealing) / Black box
    • Control system: Latest "anti-tip system" Patented control system with
      self-correcting function.
    • Display Control: Simple and easy to use COLOR Digital LCD display with USB charger output and many different speed levels that everyone will be familiar with after a few seconds.
    • Electronic "Walk Function": Press a button on the display and the bike travels up to 5 km/h without the pedals turning.
    • Mid-engine/crank engine: 120NM, one of the most powerful engines on the market. 250W motor with the latest “Low Energy Consumption & No Noise” technology and ensures up to a maximum of 25 km/h at the highest speed level and of course CE tested.
    • Automatic brake light. Lights up when braking
    • Battery: 36 V, 13 Ah Li-ion battery - 468 Wh - anti-theft device with lock, CE, GS and TÜV tested.
    • Charger: Intelligent TURBO charger with reduced charging time that stops charging when the battery is fully charged, CE, GS & TÜV certificate.
    • Gear: 7 Shimano Tourney (SIS) with freewheel and Shimano gears
    • Brakes: 2 hydraulic front and rear brakes with
      Electric motor stop function + parking brake on all wheels
    • Front: 20'' Strong puncture-proof Kenda tires with reflective lines
    • Rear: 26'' Strong puncture-proof Kenda tires with reflective lines
    • Rims: Double bonded aluminum rims with extra strong stainless steel spokes
    • Load capacity: 150kg.
    • Dimensions box: 92 cm. X 62cm. (LXB)
    • Weight: 47kg.
    • Dimensions: 218 x 84 x 122 cm. (LXWXH)
    • CE: CE marked/approved.

    • Charger
    • Mudguard, front and rear
    • Luggage rack with straps, rear
    • Chain guard
    • Bell jar
    • Legal reflectors
    • Powerful LED 2 pcs. Front and rear lights
    • Removable rain cover which has windows and entrance on both sides.
    • Seat belts for 4 children (Y-seat belts)
    • Space for 4 children
    • Entrance steps for children

    • Quality
    • 6 month full warranty on the battery
    • Height-adjustable saddle with shock absorption and good comfort
    • Adjustable handlebars with ergonomic grips
    • The box floor and the child seats are treated with non-slip material.
    • Low entry height
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